DA-IE Jewelry

DA-IE is a designer jewelry brand that has been featured on various notable fashion magazines like Vogue Paris, British Vogue, WWD, Cosmopolitan, Look Magazine, InStyle UK, YOU Magazine etc. Worn and loved by celebrities like Natalie Dormer, Julia Michaels, Nicole Scherzinger, Alesha Dixon, Olivia Cooke etc.
My Role
Responsive Web UI, Visual & Branding
Sketch, InVision
Project Overview

Buying from an online store has never been easier. Users are tired of the complex and unintuitive navigation systems in traditional online stores. The main goal of this project was to design a convenient ordering process, simple, aesthetics and usability of the site. The site was designed in a minimalist style, soft and pleasant colors were used, as well as intuitive navigation.

Design Challenges
  • Organize the products so that the users can easily and intuitively browsing and placing orders.
  • Always keep users informed in the process of the purchasing.
  • Establish brand guideline, including defining brand values, designing the logo, choosing a suitable color palette & typefaces, laying out photography guidelines and defining a writing style.
The Solution

For the DA-IE Jewelry web app, I designed a clean and simple layout focused on a clear and detailed product communication strategy. I achieved a friendlier and more comprehensible experience by dividing the purchasing process in steps. I also established a clean and simple art direction for the product photographs to keep the brand style consistent.


The target audiences are between age 20-45, who are more familiar with online shopping.
Nicolas Franc
Designer, 29
“As a new customer, I want to access the inventory without having to register, so that I can make sure this store has what I’m looking for before having to create an account.”
Diane Collins
Student, 24
“As a customer, I want to be able to place multiple items in a shopping cart, so that I can purchase more than one item at a time.”
Dan Gomez
Developer, 35
“As a customer, I want there to be a variety of payment options, so that I can choose the payment method that suits me best.”

Design Process

After the insights I gained from research and brand defining, I started to sketch on paper with all of initial features. I tried to implement all features organizable and easily accessible.
Low-Fidelity Wireframe
Wireframes are crafted to establish the fundamental structure of an app prior to diving into UI visual design. During the ideation phase, these wireframes were developed to present the content, information, and foundational layout.
Mid-Fidelity Wireframe

Brand Guide

Key Features

Easy to navigate
with organized categories

In this app, you can easily browse the products by tapping the the categories section on home screen, using drawer menu or searching key words.

Manage multiple items
in shopping bag

You can add, edit, remove or save items from the shopping bag. You may also get inspire from the recommendations.

Various payment method

Processing payment can not be easier. This app provides different options for accepting payments online.

Responsive Website

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