Locally is a marketplace platform where the users can sell or buy second hand stuff with nearby people effortlessly via chat and arrange a product pickup in no time. My goal is to show how I can optimize the whole trading process as much as possible, and make is not only convenient but also with a beautiful and clean UI.
My Role
Responsive Web UI & Visual Design
Sketch, InVision
Design Challenges

In this design project, we face the challenge of balancing a diverse range of features and content within the application, which may initially appear complex to users. Despite this complexity, our goal is to cater to both sellers and buyers, striving to streamline the buying and selling process for optimal usability and efficiency.

Design Solutions
  • Categorizing the contents to meet both seller and buyer’s needs.
  • Prioritizing the function and usability.
  • Providing filter to help users find specific items quickly.
  • Proving message prompts to help users save their time.


Competitor analysis
Survey research
User persona creation
Key features definition
Information architecture creation
Moodboard collection
Lo-fi wireframe sketching
Design system creation
Hi-fi wireframe creation
Prototype creation

Competitor Analysis

Facebook Marketplace
  • It has prompt messages.
  • Visually well organized, can view products easily.
  • On a major social platform.
  • It has built-in payment gateway and delivery option.
  • Doesn’t show distance from where you are.
  • Need to have an account to buy or sell.
  • Too many sponsored information.
  • Have to download Messenger to chat with sellers.
  • Effortlessly navigate through various sections with ease.
  • It has a “Make an offer” and “Shipping” feature.
  • Easy to sign in with Google and Facebook account.
  • Price isn’t displayed without clicking on post.
  • Can’t customize the distance.
  • Product images look too clustered.
  • Sold listings appear in the search criteria.
  • Visually appealing and inviting colors.
  • It has categories on the top.
  • Well organized and easy to navigate.
  • Options to sign in with social media accounts.
  • Doesn’t show price at list result page.
  • Can’t customize the distance.


I always have to get rid of those stuffs we don't use to keep our house organized.


Teacher, 38, Married

Amanda is a teacher and living with her family. She has two kids, one is 7 years old and the other one is 5. Now they’re old enough, she wants to sell those old stuffs that they haven’t used for a long time.

  • Need to sell all the stuffs in the attic.
  • Sell those old toys and clothings of my kids.
  • Looking for toys in great condition and cheap.
  • Don’t have time for yard sale.
  • Too many steps to set up the lists.
  • The filter is too confusing.
I’m a game lover. I’m looking for a planform to sell and buy some used video games.


Engineer, 26, Single

Daniel is a Engineer who lives alone. He recently got a new job and need to move home. He also loves to play video game in his spare time.

  • Need to buy and sell some used furniture.
  • Looking for a platform has trading protection.
  • Looking for video game in great condition.
  • Trading in store is too complicated and it doesn’t allow me to negotiate.
  • Too Many frauds online, I don’t feel safe to trade with strangers in person.

Key Features

Quick Filters
In-App Chat
Photo Capture
Help Center
Message Prompts
Categories Based Search
Sign In With Social Media Accounts
Save Favorite Items


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